There is a lot of confusion around using social media for internet marketing.

How many websites do you see with Facebook & Twitter links to the company Facebook page? – THIS IS WRONG!

What are your goals?

Would you like to market Facebook? OR Would you like to market your own website?

You should not have a link from your website to your Facebook page.

You could have a “like” link from a specific page on your website or specific post on your website to a “TEASER” post on your Facebook page.

You should POST a summary or teaser on your Facebook or any other social media, with a LINK to YOUR WEBSITE.

On your website you should have call to actions, to convert the social media visitor, to a client.

Example: On Facebook or social media: POST: SALE now on, specials on my widgets, order now! — The you have to add a link to your website.

You can also setup specific landing pages for social media campaigns, to track the effectiveness of specific social media campaigns

So: USE social media to market your website, your offerings, gain visitors to your own website.

USE social media to get your social media followers to LIKE or SHARE a specific POST – this allows you to market to the followers “friends” and to gain visitors to YOUR OWN WEBSITE.

Do not add a useless link to your main social media page from your website.

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