The first tip about mailing lists is that you can easily get into trouble and lose your email account or email services.

You probably should not just send mailing list emails from your yahoo, gmail or your shared domain hosting email accounts. (Sending bulk emails from your standard domain hosting account is usually a breach Terms & Conditions of service, check T&C with your service provider) With free email accounts, where YOU ARE THE PRODUCT, it is also usually not allowed to send marketing, unsolicited or mailing list bulk emails)

Email mailing lists and sending emails in South Africa has to comply with various pieces of legislation.

Among the main compliance issues are: Each email has to inform the recipient how to remove their data and email address from the database,the sender has to be able to tell the recipient where they received the data from (Data Source) and the sender has to comply with cease and desist requests.

There are also other important compliance issues, where the failure to comply is a criminal act and can be prosecuted in South African courts. If you are a foreign national you can check if your country has an extradition treaty with South Africa.

The POPI legislation describes compliance with regards to places the data of the recipients of your mailing list, there is the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) and other laws that you have to comply with in order to send email to potential clients, subscribed clients or newsletters and more.

Advertising: All Nkosi Web and Email Hosting Clients can apply for a mailing list on FIVE ( The costs vary depending on the client requirements and start from as little as only R39 per month!

Sending regular emails are important because it helps to engage your clients regularly and keep in touch with your clients, this strengthens your relationship with your clients.

The bulk email and mailing list system already provides compliance with South African Laws and the sending of electronic communications.

Here are some very important factors regarding BULK EMAILS:

  1. Your bulk email system has to deliver emails to the main Inbox and not flag email as spam in any way. (MAIN INBOX DELIVER ABILITY)
  2. The actual BULK EMAIL that you send has to be personalized. It has to say Hi John, or Dear John, or Good morning John,
  3. The actual bulk email that you send has to contain clickable links to allow your client to do something (CALL TO ACTION), maybe visit your facebook page, or maybe visit your website product specials or see special deals. Links can even be to a funny cartoon, or interesting news item and so much more!
  4. The actual bulk email that you send must allow the client to go on holiday, or unsubscribe or let you know that their email address has changed, etc.
  5. The actual bulk email that you send has to engage the client. It has to be interesting or of interest to the client. It is pointless to send an email about a new cat for sale to someone who is allergic to cats with no interest in cats whatsoever.


Steps to send bulk emails:

  1. Apply for an account here:
  2. Check that you have answered all the questions correctly and submit your answers
  3. If you hear nothing within 48 hours, send a followup email to
  4. Pay the received Invoice using your domain name as reference
  5. We update your domain hosting (DNS Zone include SPF, DKIM and additional settings and configurations)
  6. The updates take a few hours but when you receive your login details, log in here:
  7. Add a “test” client test@yourowndomain with your own cell number and name
  8. Send your first “Bulk Email” to yourself – see what it looks like, try out all the functions and use the system.
  9. TIP: Below is a basic HTML template (for an “HTML” portion of bulk email, if you wish to add html option


HTML Example (Copy & Paste) into the HTML BODY section (tick the radio button)

<h3>Good Afternoon ##NAME,</h3>
I wish you a very happy festive season and a truly prosperous 2018<br><br>
There are so many new and exciting plans, changes and new things for 2018 to look forward to!<br><br>

Single sentence<br>

Another sentence<br>

New paragraph<br><br>

Would you like me to contact you?<br>
<a href=’##CALLA’>Contact me Please</a><br><br>

Warmest Regards<br><br
Your Supplier<br><br>

(011) 123 1234<br>


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