Choosing a brand name

Choosing a great brand name is probably one of the most important things that a business has to achieve.

When evaluating different brand names, always remember the most important thing about brand names:

a Great brand name is easy to remember.

Usually a great brand name is short (You must use your brand name on your products, services, business cards, email signatures and in your marketing materials, on all of your signage and anywhere you print or display anything related to your brand)

You must define your brand in terms of COLOUR(S), Style, Size and relationship rules (of the elements that make up your brand),  FONT (writing style), unique logo or artwork, if relevant. – This makes your brand unique and allows your clients and the public to recognise your unique brand.

You need to do research and establish if the brand name that you want to use is not already used by someone else or if there is a trademark registration in the class that your product or service is classified under.

TIP: You can do a free basic brand name search by sending an email to

You can register a domain name using the name of your brand – (R59 for a new domain name registration)

You can register a new PTY LTD company – (R499 for a new pty ltd registration)

You can register a trademark, in the class of your product or service (around R1800+ )

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