My Name

The single most important thing is: your NAME

If you have a poor quality name, for example: bugushoeshineoperationsinternationalandpartners

You need to change your name (in the above example just “Bugu” may have been a great choice

Good brand names are short

Good brand names are easy to remember

Good brand names could be catchy

Good brand names should be unique

The second most important thing would be to register, use and start advertising your name.

There is an important bit of information: Your brand name could be different from your company, business or domain name. to register a new company, you can checkout  (R499) domain name is currently available, but it is only four letters, so could be gone real soon. To register a domain name is a two step process:

First check if the domain name is available:

Then, find a reliable, trustworthy and inexpensive domain registrar: :R59 per year