These are five ways you can save money on advertising:

1. Do not appoint only one advertising agency

To use a different advertising agency for each different campaign can easily be done after your brand is properly defined. The strategy of getting proposals for each marketing campaign not only saves a lot of money but it delivers different POV (point of view) and variety in your marketing mix. Some Advertising Agencies are stronger in different mediums and exposure to multiple agencies leads to the best value proposition.  it also allows you to work with many different agencies and select your favourite agency based on results and delivery as well as matching your corporate identity.

2. Do basic tasks in house

You can set your own Facebook or Google PPC (Pay per click) budget and you can run this budget from your own company credit card. Advertising agencies, contractors and Google partners can at various times, access your accounts and adjust, add and edit on a requirement basis and not on an “appointed” basis. You can also install your own metrics, statistics and generate your own reports so that you do not have to outsource tracking to an independent provider. (Of course, your advertising agency should NEVER track and measure their own performance!)

3. Do your own SEM

Yes, once your campaign is setup, you can place your own PPM and your own PPC at Facebook or Google or wherever! This can save you as much as 10% of your PPC and PPM budget!

4. Get multiple quotes from different advertising agencies

Not surprisingly, different agencies at different times provide different pricing. The reason is that at one time an agency may be fully booked and less “hungry” but at a different time that same agency may be more “hungry” and less busy, you are very likely to benefit greatly by shopping around for EACH campaign.

5. Check what you are spending on advertising and cancel the hidden extras

Everything these days has an “upsell” a lot of the extra and a lot of the upsell – is simply NEVER used. Go through your hopefully itemised billing (If your billing from different companies is not itemised, ALWAYS request itemised billing) – Check and identify the “upsell” and then proceed to cancel as much upsell as you can.