Objective: Know & Understand what you have to do


  • Solution: Ask and Answer some basic questions
  • Solution: Collect Data
  • Solution: Define Business Objectives

Take a Week or two to action the Items below. Write them down, work through each point, understand, think and plan!

Ask and Answer some basic questions

What website are you marketing? – You are marketing your own website, your brand, your name, your domain name!

What is your website name? – use your own domain name for your emails, business cards, bumper stickers and on all other media advertising. Even use your domain name for an email to your friends!

Do not use example@gmail.com or example@yahoo.com or example@live.com – none of these brands belong to you!

Collect Data

  1. Create Google Webmaster Tools Account
  2. Create Google Analytics Account

More information: You will be asked to ‘verify’ your domain name – How this works is

  1. In Google webmaster Tools account: You have to save the VERIFY link (right click – save as)
  2. Log into your domain control panel (https://yourowndomainname:2083), use the file manager – go to the /public_html directory (click on it)
  3. Click on ‘upload file’ and browse to the VERIFY file you downloaded, upload it…
  4. Click on ‘verify’ inside Google Webmaster Tools

Define Business Objectives

Write down your business objectives

Arrange your business objectives in order of priority

Discuss your business objectives with a trusted third party, think about your top three business objectives carefully.

Make adjustments, adjust and finalise a list of your top three business objectives.


The WWW (why,what,when)

In the next step, we are going to take a hard look at your website, Why you need to make changes, What you need to add, edit & change. When you need to make changes…

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