At the start of this step, you should have a better understanding of what you are doing, your web content should match your objectives and you have focus on your targets. You should also be tracking your general performance.

First stage of step 4 : Setup a Google analytics account.

Google Analytics will track actual visitors and visitor behavior. (In your wordpress or CMS, use the Google Analytics plugin to add your analytics account ID)

Second Stage of Step 4: NB (read the following sentence a few times as it is very important) Set “call to action” to actual page actions (for tracking, measuring and adjustment according to actual results)

— Calls to action examples are: “Subscribe to my Mailing List // Contact Us // Special Offers // Free Quote // Free Estimate // Order Now! // See Savings // Save Now! // Buy Now” and many more… You should not have more than one or two call to actions in any specific eye space (too much noise / focus attraction – could result in visitor confusing or frustration)

Make sure that each “call to action” is linked to a specific page action. An example could be: Join our mailing list – linked to a form where the visitor can add and submit their email address

Third Stage of Step 4: Offer alternate options. Just because someone does not want to subscribe to your mailing list it does not mean that they may not place an order or contact you.

Fourth Stage of Step 4: When in contact with a visitor, whether by phone or email always explore additional or other opportunities. If you cannot sell them something right now could you subscribe them to your valuable newsletter? (Also see Step 6 – How to do effective email marketing using a professional newsletter or bulk email system) – Some visitors may only be interested in special offers, special deals or price lists. Other visitors may want to receive all information, some visitors may only want to receive information or news, etc. Always try to meet the expectations of your visitors.

It is also important to convert each visitor into a next contact or a regular contact opportunity.

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