Self Evaluate your web site

Are your suburbs and areas where you offer service listed on your website? Is it easy for visitors to see what you offer? What the prices or costs are (or can they ask for a quote easily?)

Look at these two posts and compare to EACH page on your website: AND

Ask some of your clients for their honest opinions and feedback about your website (What does your clients think?)

Ask some of your friends and family what they think (Not as objective – but should still be useful!)

Ask a stranger or strangers about their opinions?

Does your website have References? Case Studies? a regular News section? Is there a ‘subscribe to mailing list form?

Use your own common sense! Focus less on what you like and on what works. Do not simply listen to one opinion or place too much weight on a single opinion, weigh your feedback carefully and listen to your clients!

Make changes and improvements to your website

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